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Street Parking Intelligent billing Management

User Self-service payment system

System Overview: Parking space detector is mounted to detect parking spaces status, all the gathering information eventually uploaded to the parking management system. The user can pay the parking fee through Fangle "Smart parking” mobile App, and no need to do further operation once leaving.


Easy operation: user only needs to do one-time payment during parking without any further operation once leaving.

Convenient payment: accurate billing, online payment, convenient and faster, supports third-party recharge;

Smart alert: Countdown, renewal notification by SMS;

Friendly interface: user-friendly operation, all the berths are clear at glance, real-time view berth status, easy & convenient

Transparent charges: users could check the parking record, billing and other details by by APP

Cost advantage: No need too much labor costs;

Completed data: The system automatically generates all kinds of records, and regularly generates various statistical reports for customer viewing & analysis.


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