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Street Parking Intelligent billing Management

Tag automatic billing system

System Overview: parking detector is mounted to detect parking spaces status, and upload this information to base station and then management system next, system will start timing and billing automatically, system will send SMS alerts to the binding mobile phone number by the time of car entering and exiting. This system is suitable for those cities which parking at relative mature stage, especially with high labor costs.


Automation: System will automatically timing and billing without any operation by car owner

Transparency: Two SMS tips to binding mobile phone number while car entering and exiting.

Low cost: low cost management, faster capital returns;

Security: unique, multiple authentication code protection;

Reliability: Mass applied in several countries and cities worldwide.  

Compatibility: System automatically charging is compatible with manual charging or self-payment;

Automatic alarm: when there is insufficient money in the tag, system will automatically send alarm to remind owner top-up as soon as possible.

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